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Our Success Stories


"The DFS turned out to be a major stepping stone."

Tom Preikschat

 Business Development Manager


I applied for DFS because I was not sure which career path to pursue after my studies and my last internship. I registered with my CV because essentially I had nothing to lose. Surprisingly, during the DFS and even a few weeks after, companies started reaching out to me, offering application opportunities based on my submitted resume.

After taking part in captivating keynotes and networking with fellow attendants during the event, I even won a free mentorship gifted to me by the ESMT team and MyTopCareer. Among the companies that got in touch with me was the tech giant LinkedIn and the Berlin-based FinTech startup pliant. The DFS motivated me to actually take the chance and apply for both companies. Lo and behold - I made it through both application processes and received multiple exciting job offers to choose from. I now work as a Business Development Manager at pliant in Berlin and could not imagine a better way to kickstart my career.


The ESMT and the DigitalFuture Summit allowed me to score a significant position in a fantastic company, which I could not have imagined before. To summarize - The DFS turned out to be a major stepping stone and a dream opportunity for me!


"The DigitalFuture Summit created a space for me to promote my own brand."

Linde Wang

Junior Consultant,
Experience & Marketing Advisory


The DFS symbolizes and provides all aspects that are dear to my heart: digitalization, learning, and networking. Along with my amazing team, we built an interactive and enriching experience for more talents and organizations around the world to connect. I joined the DFS for the opportunity to develop my skills and broaden my horizon with leading thought leaders.

The Accenture Interactive recruiting team contacted me via the DFS talent pool in 2020, and we quickly identified that my career objectives and Accenture Interactive’s vision aligned on many levels. The digital format of the DFS enabled me to connect with recruiters during pandemic times and to find a path for myself that I was most interested in.

As one of our most loyal and engaged DFS partners, Accenture Interactive built a meaningful relationship with me and supported me on my recruitment process to ultimately find the perfect position for me. The DigitalFuture Summit undoubtedly paved the way for my first job post-graduation by creating a space for me to discuss my ideas and promote my own brand.

I look forward to working on different projects across various industries and with diverse people. In addition – of course – I am excited to return to the DigitalFuture Summit 2022, possibly as a representative of my company that DFS matched me with. 😉

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