Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the DigitalFuture Summit 2022!

We hope this website is a useful resource for you as you navigate through the process. This page contains answers to some of the questions that are raised to us most frequently. If you have questions that are not answered here or elsewhere on our website, please feel free to contact us!

1. Why should I apply for DFS?

DigitalFuture Summit is a unique opportunity to expand your network, increase your knowledge in interesting & current topics, interact in an unconventional way with different types of businesses & companies, and to just have fun!

2. What is the DFS?

The DigitalFuture Summit is an annual event that connects talents with the future of digitalization. It offers a unique learning experience by providing a space for exchanging ideas and information through exciting panel discussions, inspiring keynotes and hands-on workshops. The event will take place online on July 6 & 7, 2023.

3. Who can apply for the event?

Students, graduates and young professionals can apply to the event.

4. How does the application process work?

Complete the form on our website by clicking Apply Now and providing us with some general information. You will also need to provide us with your most up-to-date CV (in English). To strengthen your application, you may also share your LinkedIn profile and/or any other personal profile link. Within 7 days following the submission, we will review your application and notify you of the result via an email. Please note that we will only accept your application if you have uploaded your CV.

If your application is successful, you will receive your ticket for the two-day event at no additional cost. If you have any questions during the process, do not hesitate to contact our team at

5. Where is the event held?

This year, #DFS22 will be an hybrid event, meaning there will be two ways to participate: at ESMT campus or digitally. The virtual event is held on our digital platform to include talents from all around the world!

6. How can I choose the different activities during the event?

Prior to the event, a survey will be sent to all talents to already explore different options for joining the workshops and masterclasses they are interested in, in order to give everyone the best possible experience.


7. What languages am I supposed to know? 

The event will be entirely in English.

8. When does the event start and finish?

The DigitalFuture Summit 2022 will start on the 7th of July at 10am and the first day will end at 6pm. The second day of #DFS22 will be on the 8th of July from 9:30am until 6pm. When joining virtually, expect the event to start at the same times but finish at 4pm on both days.

9. Which opportunities do I have to connect with companies? 

You can network with companies during masterclasses, workshops, speed networking rounds, the talent forum, and breaks. 

In addition, your CV will be sent to our partners who may invite you for an interview during the event. This is a great opportunity for you to interact with well-known corporations as well as start-ups at our event. There will also be virtual company booths that will allow you to book a time slot to talk to the company representatives online!

10. How do I know which companies and speakers will be at DFS22? 

Stay up to date by following us on social media, where we will be announcing speakers and companies. Also, don’t forget to check our website and your emails!

11. Do I need to be a student of ESMT Berlin to join DigitalFuture Summit? 

No, it’s an open event – anyone can attend if they apply and are accepted to the #DFS22. Both students and young professionals can register.



See you at #DFS22 on July 7 and 8, 2022!