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ESMT Berlin - One of a kind

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

By Erin Hartmann, Talent Manager at the DigitalFuture Summit 2022

Why did you choose ESMT?

I have always wanted to do a Master’s degree abroad. My original plan was to go to America, however, I decided to research some masters programs in Europe. As I began my research, I came across ESMT Berlin. I was immediately drawn to the program because of the internship module and the social impact project. I really liked how different the program was compared to other programs I had viewed. The program offers some flexibility in that there are two tracks and a variety of specializations, which was an additional attraction. The only master’s program I ended up applying to was ESMTs MIM program as it felt like it was meant to be.

What makes ESMT special?

There are many great universities out there but I do not believe there is one quite like ESMT. At ESMT, we are privileged to have exceptional staff and professors from all over the world to educate, guide and steer us in the right direction. Not only is the campus located in the heart of Berlin, the building itself is breath taking and offers state of the art facilities.

Since commencing the MIM program, I don’t think I have felt more challenged and out of my comfort zone. However, that is the best thing a business school can do as growth is uncomfortable.

How is ESMT more than a business school?

ESMT teaches individuals to become great leaders and managers. The program includes a variety of workshops to grow your “soft skills” alongside your academic growth. ESMT selects students from all over the world and thus there is great exposure to all different nationalities and cultures. ESMT provides the opportunity to learn the best ways to work with people from all different backgrounds.

What is it like to be a part of ESMT's community?

It is a privilege to be a part of ESMT's community. You are surrounded by many ambitious, motivated and talented young professionals. There is so much opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and impressive companies through ESMT's network. The community at ESMT motivates and encourages oneself to reach their full potential.

Why did you choose to get involved in the DFS?

I chose to join the DFS team because I enjoy organizing events and working with others. In addition, it is a great opportunity to meet other MIM students and network with like-minded individuals. ESMT offers many extra-curricular activities and student clubs that you can get involved in. DFS stood out to me in particular because you also get to attend such an incredible networking event with pristine companies and talented young professionals.

How does the DFS fit into ESMT? What skills are you learning from the MIM and how are you putting those into practice at the DFS?

The DFS is led and managed by ESMT students. The DFS provides opportunity to work with individuals from all over the world and showcase leadership skills, which are skills also utilized in the MIM program. Both the MIM program and DFS encourage students to be dynamic, innovative and forward-thinking.

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